Cabinet Building Tips and Steps

DIY Cabinet Building

Cabinet Building Tips and Steps

Cabinet building tips and steps

How do you build a small cabinet to place all the instruments crowding your bathroom, kitchen or office? Having your ideas can make a big difference because almost all furniture stores are quite expensive.

Here you will find the best cabinet building tips, that will allow you to build your lockers spending half the time than usual.



Designing the cabinets

If your goal is to design a cabinet with two doors to placed in the kitchen, you must keep in mind that the standard depth is 62.5 cm, whereby a mobile one should be 60 cm. The standard height of a shelf is 90 cm, so the cabinet should be 86.25 cm to allow for the thickness of the floor.



Size of the wall units

The wall units or the highest cabinets should be 135-140 cm. The width of the cabinet usually varies between 30 to 150 cm in increments of 7.5 cm. The most used are 37.5 cm, 45 cm, 52.5 cm, and 60 cm. When designing the width of a piece of furniture, you must not forget the size of the doors.



Cabinet material

Another essential thing that you need to consider is the material you will use to build the footlocker. Whether you decide to use laminated or coated wood, melamine covered, scratch resistant, etc. Head to your local retailer and with the help of the store staff, buy all the components that you will need: hinges, handles, edges, and screws.


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Cut the panels

First, you will need to cut the wood panels, starting with those who will make up the structure. Get a tape measure and a pencil, and mark guides to follow when cutting. It is better to apply the masking tape to the line on either side to avoid damaging the surface of the panel.


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Joining the structure together

If you own a table saw, make four closed grooves on the front panel of the cabinet, and an open channel for each of the bases and side panels, to facilitate the joint of the structure. Apply the metal parts to the edging of the panels, then secure them together using a screwdriver or a nail gun. If you are working with a jigsaw, try to abound with screws and nails when securing.


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Placement of shelves

When building the walls of the cabinet, you can decide how many shelves you need. For each of them, cut panels of the desired size, without applying the edges.


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Finishing the Cabinet

At last, the two doors need to be installed. Cut the panel with which you are going to make the first one, apply the edges and attach the handle, then mount the hinges on the panel and the frame. Secure the door to the locker and lock it. You will also need to adjust the door, using screws that are present on the hinge.


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